We actively take steps to ensure full compliance with all Health & Safety responsibilities, as stipulated in the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

Nothing is more important than health and safety. To this end, health and safety is factored in at the inception of a project, as part of the planning and provisioning process, and reviewed at the close of the project, as part of the monitoring and evaluation process.

We retain the services of an independent Health & Safety consultant, who carries out full risk assessment of every job, ensuring that safe working practices are followed. We also ensure all subcontractors have the correct RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements) in place before they commence work.

On-site, we regularly monitor provision and upkeep of all equipment, facilities and access, ensuring we provide a safe environment for everyone – including signage, information and supervision to make sure operatives understand how to work and move around safely.

As a matter of course, all our employees are CSCS accredited, ensuring our entire workforce is fully aware of safe work practices and we operate an ongoing training programme, keeping health and safety knowledge up to date and ensuring regulations are fully understood and followed.


We are committed to providing high quality services to our customers and are recommended time and again because of our reputation for excellence and quality.


We maintain certified status from several governing bodies that regulate standards. In addition to this, our workforce is fully trained and CIS and CSCS registered.


We strive to be competitive on price and work diligently with our suppliers to maintain relationships and contracts, aiming to secure the most competitive pricing.

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