Industrial Flooring

There are many floor types to consider for your commercial property, based on existing flooring if there is any, and requirements for a new floor. During the initial consultation phase, we can assess your needs based on usage and budget, and recommend the best flooring solution that’s right for you.

We provide specialist repairs to all types of substrate and badly worn floors, in particular commercial concrete floors where we offer complete renovation services including removal of drainage, channels and pits, floor bolts and other protrusions before reinstatement of components to bring the floor slab back to its original state. Surface preparation methods include trackblasting and diamond grinding with specialist high performance equipment prior to cleaning, sealing or resurfacing.

For deteriorated or damaged industrial flooring due to high traffic, impact damage, residues or spillages, GLJ can recommend repair options to give you the showroom finish you desire along with the durability and longevity you need. We can supply and install a variety of suitable hard wearing industrial floor paint systems, high build epoxy resin coatings or flowcrete screeds, our specialist suppliers and flooring contractors can advise on impact, abrasion and point load resistance and find solutions to specific needs, such as heavy-duty and safety flooring, hygienic, easy clean and chemical resistance.

GLJ are equipped to provide an all encompassing flooring service, making good, surface preparation and professional installation of a wide range of quality flooring products. We understand that downtime can be costly for your business, and can therefore work with you to meet your operational requirements, ensure fast installation, minimal downtime and delivery of a high quality finish.

If your floor needs a new lease of life, GLJ are more than happy to discuss your requirements, provide advice and source solutions.