Health & Safety

GLJ Contracts retains an independent health and safety consultant who identifies and assesses risk and requirements, ensuring that safe working practices are employed at all times. Furthermore, our staff make sure that sub contractors have the correct RAMS to work with and to make sure we have these RAMS before they conduct the work on siteĀ 

We actively take steps to ensure that all health and safety responsibilities laid out under the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are adhered to.

Health and safety is factored in at the very inception of a project, as part of planning and provisioning. We also review practices at the end of projects as part of the monitoring and evaluation process.

On-site we ensure the provision and upkeep of all necessary equipment, facilities and access to ensure a safe working environment for all. This includes instructions, signage, information and supervision to ensure that everyone on-site is aware of how to work and move around safely.

GLJ employees are CSCS accredited to ensure that our entire workforce are fully aware of safe work practices and requirements and are able to contribute to their own safety on-site. We also run an ongoing training programme for our staff, to ensure that health and safety knowledge is kept up-to-date and regulations are always adhered to.