Woodside Leisure Park, Watford (2)

GLJ have recently completed the 10-week installation of fall prevention measures to roofs and carried out building and car park maintenance works at the Woodside Leisure Park in Watford. Our works included, fall prevention measures, which a specialist sub-contractor fitted, an extension of a high-level access gantry platform and roof access ladders were
also installed.

Other maintenance works included, cleaning the roofs, gutters and high-level perimeter cladding, the application of specialist treatment and weatherproof coatings to all the gutters providing a 10-year guarantee certificate. Repairs were done to the elevations including, brickwork and movement joints, the external doors, windows, emergency escape stairwells were decorated, new floor coverings to the security offices and facilities were fitted, tarmac repairs and re-white lining to the front of house car-park areas
were completed.

This was a challenging job as it’s a very busy Retail Park which is open 7 days a week, GLJ had to plan ahead and cause as little disruption and inconvenience as possible to occupying tenants and the visiting public, avoiding school holidays and busy evenings/weekends. Jobs were completed in stages, and programmed throughout by an on-site manager, all trades, tenants and employees were aware of key dates and specific timings and even though the project was somewhat challenging, albeit completion was on time and to budget.